20 March 2009

Remember when I said growing hair makes me more susceptible to colds? True enough I just recovered from a 2 days full blown cold and it sucks. Only today that I feel better. The good new is my house and car is clean now. We did some spring cleaning this weekend and our house is not a total mess anymore. In fact you are all free to come here today see around our very tidy place and I will personally take you for a ride on our spanking clean car afterward. The offer's valid for today only.

Just because I hate the SMS voting concept doesn't mean I cannot layan this show right? It's okay if you want to watch this senseless reality show, as long as you keep your money in your pocket. Here in this house, everybody from 5 years and above watched the show. Well I didn't actually watch the entire show, just snippets here and there. And everybody here has their favorite students too. Adam likes the one with the spiky hair (Obri) while Linda rooted for Isma and Hafiz (yucks!). Me of course I'll be supporting Rini, the least ugly and fat yet the most gedik of them all. Go Rini!! Then again, somehow I got the feeling that drama queen won't last for long in this show.

Midnight today is the first of the crucial must-win 9 match battle for the league title. If we don't win this, our previous romp on United would be almost totally useless. Come on you Reds!!

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