13 March 2009

Last month my car battery went dead on me. It costs me a bomb to have it replaced. A few days ago the car started to act out again. Whenever I drive in low gear or go up a slope it started to groan and rumble loudly and it felt like it's going to die anytime soon (semput)

So I searched around at the Savoc website and found another Proton Savvy owner with the same problem. The cable plug and ignition coil had reached their expiry date according to the forum. The next day I brought my car to an Eon service centre nearby and the mechanic confirmed what I found earlier. The cable plug & ignition coil will cost me a cool 800 ringgit there. I don't have that much money to spare.

Just when I thought I'm stuck with a faulty car until my next pay day, my wife, through her colleagues found a mechanic who could fix the car for much-much less. So today we went straight to Ampang right after work. 3 hours later (plus traffic jam) we got our car fixed for only RM520. See how much Proton service centre ripped us off? And the mechanic uses the same genuine spare parts.

So for any Proton car owners who would like to get their cars fixed for a fraction of the normal cost, you can contact me via e-mail for details. This guy has many years experience working at Proton and he's a real honest guy trying to earn some extra income after work.

Now I can drive the car in peace for our balik kampung trip tomorrow.

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