18 March 2009

All my life, my hair has always been cropped short or kept very long. There's no in-between normal short hair cut. This year I've decided to keep my hair again. I'm tired of the old hair style. Besides, too many people here sports that hair style nowadays. Case in point: Syawal - our dispatch guy. He never had any hair for as long as I can remember. Now bald or short cropped hair is becoming quite the norm. I don't want to be normal. Normal is not my favourite word in my vocabulary. I want to be different.

The thing with long hair is, I have to shampoo them once in a while, use conditioner and comb them everyday. So much hassle. Previously, I didn't even bother to look at the mirror, ever. Plus if you get to be near enough to me you'll see all the gray hair that's sprouting on my head. Sometimes I felt like I'm 70 with all those gray hairs. But the one things that bugs me so much about keeping long-ish hair is I tend to catch a cold very easily. I think I'm twice as much susceptible to colds now than before when I'm bald. And that sucks.

But you know what they say. No pain, no gain. My hair grows real quickly. If I shave my hair on Monday, it will grow back like really fast and I will have an inch of hair already by next Wednesday. They're like so healthy and fertile. So far they've never failed me. But today my hair is not really long. It is still short. Short like a regular guy's short hair cut. And I feel like I looked really ugly in it. That's why you don't get to see me much here.

Oh yeah, one more thing. The hair stays until Liverpool wins the league title. I hope I won't have to wait another 5 years for that to happen.

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