31 March 2009

Got a sudden craving for satay but too lazy to drive to Kajang? Now you can have satay Kajang (at least the Samuri kind) near home. That is if you live near where I live. Not many people knows this but there's a little Samuri satay outlet at the Mex (Maju Expressway/KLP) R&R near Bandar Putra Permai. It's accessible on your left side if you travel from KL to Putrajaya and you can also use the entry ramp just before Jusco Equine.

Unfortunately the satay we ate today was not that good. I thought my taste buds were deceiving me because of the runny nose and all but my wife also said the satay was no good. The beef satay was especially bad, to elastic for my liking and the peanut sauce was below par. Is it just our luck or all Samuri satay's is really that bad? I've been to Satay Mas Kajang a hundred times but they satay is always above expectation. Well at least they're not undercooked or hard as a chewing gum. We probably won't go there ever again but if you guys wanna give them a try, go ahead. You've been forewarned.

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