12 March 2009

One morning last weekend I woke up and recieved a Maybank TAC number on my mobile phone. I don't remember requesting any TAC number from Maybank so I was quite suspicious with this one. I logged on into my Maybank account online and found all my savings still untouched. Still, just to be safe, I quickly rush to the nearest Maybank ATM and withdraw whatever money I have in there.

Fast forward today, my wife told me how a friend of her officemate recieved the same mysterious TAC on his phone. But this guy didn't suspect anything so he did nothing about it. The next time he tried to withdraw his money, he found out 800 ringgit missing from his account. A sophisticated hacker or an inside job? Beats me. But one thing for sure, online banking is definitely not that safe especially if you give out your account number to strangers for business transactions or whatever. I won't keep much money in my Maybank account anymore after this. I'm sure this is not an isolated case and many more had fall victim to this hack. Just be sure not to give any of your account number to strangers. If you really have to, make sure you don't have much money in it or better still, create a dedicated account for such business. Poor dude. I doubt he'll ever see his money again.

And what has KLCC got anything to do with this? Nothing. I was stuck in a traffic jam near there when my wife told me this story.

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