10 September 2009

Back by popular demand.

1. How do you feel right now.
Full. From dinner.

2. Your emotional level (1-5)
1 - I'm cool.

3. Favourite colour

4. If given a chance, would you be an artist?
Sure. I wanna be a rock star.

5. Name one of your habits
I'm an impatient man.

6. Do you think somebody likes you.
I think Sariyanti has a thing for me.

7. What do you listen to when you're sad

8. If you're a woman, how much is your dowry?
10 gazillion dollars

9. You like the person who tags you because?
Says who?

10. If you became that person, what's the first 3 things you would do?
Err which one tagged me ha?

11. Tag 7 people
i. Adam
ii. Bujal
iii. Nadia
iv. Megan Fox
v. Jessica Alba
vi. Brad Pitt
vii. Barack Obama

Have ii met vii?
Yes every other weekend

Have iii fought with iv?
Yeah they fought over me all the time ha ha!

What have v done to you?
She made me dinner once on our date last time ;)