4 September 2009

Did I said I don't like going to buffets? I must have meant paid buffets only! If I don't have to spend a cent of my money then it would be alright. That said, I still think buffets are really a waste of money and food. Look at the amount of unfinished food that you see on the table. Ramadan and fasting is definitely not about this. You take just what you can finish and not take each of everything spread for you at the buffet table.

Free foods aside, this buka puasa event is the closest thing that my company had for a get together for its staff this year. Previously we've heard of family trips to the beach, Genting, some theme parks and other wonderful far away places being planned but unfortunately that never got any where. Maybe the circumstances didn't permit it. Who knows. But the most important thing is, no amount of get together of trip would compare to a month bonus that every body's been waiting for, right guys?

IOI Mariott not halal? I tried to Google about this and nothing close to it came up. Hmm. Maybe just rumours or a competitor trying to badmouth the hotel.