20 September 2009

This Eid-ul Fitr, I lost 5 kilos from fasting, grew hair and looked really good in my Raya dress. My body however has started to suffer from yesterday long and tiring journey. We started off around 3:30 AM and didn't arrive until 11 hours later. My body aches all over so does my head. Even after sleeping early last night and another round of sleep later this afternoon I am feeling so very tired. Next year, I simply cannot do this again. Go back a day before Raya.

All last week my daughter Mia suffered from a serious chicken pox breakout. She was even warded for 5 days at the hospital because of it. Thankfully the scars on her face was not very visible by Hari Raya. What most people doesn't know is, it is my wife's turn to be contracted by the disease. She started to show signs of the illness yesterday and today it's all but confirmed that she has chicken pox also. Poor thing. I hope neither Adam or me get the disease as well.