3 September 2009

When Adam was 5 years old, he still doesn't like to sleep all by himself in his room. Every night, he would lay on the edge of our bed until somebody (meaning me or his Mom) accompanies him in his room until he sleeps. Sometimes his Mom would help him to go to bed. Most of the time I would be the one who puts him to bed. His singles bed is already small so there's little room left for the both of us. Usually it took him 30 minutes to an hour to sleep. After that only can I sneak back to my room to join Mia and her Mom.

At his kindergarten, Adam got along find with most of his friends. However he has this strange habit in the morning where he doesn't like to mingle with some of his friends before class. He would rather go straight to his kindergarten and sit there alone until the teachers arrive. We have no idea why he does that.

At 5 years old, Adam can read everything in Malay and a few words in English. He does all his home works himself and he'd be really worried, like crying worried if he doesn't finish them in time. Every night, his mother would check his notebooks whether the teachers gave him home work to do or not. I would help him too sometimes. Especially when he needs to draw stuff. His drawing is quite awful at the moment. Hey he's no lil' Picasso okay. Just one ordinary boy.

Every weekday morning I would carry him downstairs and his Mom would try to wake him up from sleep. Sometimes he just gets up and go to shower. Other times we had to coax or threatened him first. Every morning as we bring him to school he would ask how many days are there until the weekend? So we answered and he would reply 'What? Another 3 days!'. And then he would ask how long is the holiday (weekend) and usually we would say 2 and then he would complain on the short holiday time.

Adam loves to go out whether to the mini-mart nearby or to faraway places. Every time I go to the shop to buy stuff he would literally beg me to take him with me. Most of the time he won't come home empty handed. He loves to balik kampung to see his grandparent. And they love him to bits. Between Pasir Mas and Tanah Merah, I have to admit that he likes to go back to the latter more. This is because he has much more friends to play with there compared to my home town.

Adam still suffers from his eczema condition at the moment. His skin would occasionally get really dry and itchy then he would scratch them non-stop until they get really bad.

Adam Farihin although already 5 years old still drinks his formula from the bottle! How embarrassing! Of course he only does that at home. He wouldn't there do that in school.

Adam likes to play with her sister Mia. Although he sometimes get a little rough or bullies her, he loves her little sister very much and is very protective of her. Sometimes Mia would be the one who does all the bullying but Adam didn't mind at all.

And that's Adam Farihin when he was 5 years old.

This is one of the reasons why I blog. We human beings have a rather short memory and tend to forget things over time. The Internet however is like diamonds and they are forever.