7 September 2009

Although it's public holiday in Selangor, it is work as usual in KL and many other states in Malaysia. I don't want to bore you with the details of my suffering at home alone with the kids. Let's just say that I barely got an hour of rest at home today.
The highlight of the day is when I found out my 1.5 years old girl got chicken pox. We thought it was just a regular rash or something but the doctor confirmed it is the dreaded chicken pox. Obviously we can't send her to the nursery anymore so somebody has to take care of her from tomorrow onwards. I wish I could offer myself for that but unfortunately I'm overwhelmed with work at the moment.

As of now, Mia started to have boils all over her body and she started to scratch here and there. Her brother Adam only had smallpox before once so there's a chance of him catching the disease also if we're not careful. You be strong now Mia.

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