19 September 2009

So this is it, balik kampung time. I slept early today and woke up around 2:30 AM albeit from a very disturbed sleep. Around 3:30 PM we left Seri Kembangan for Kelantan. The road was clear until we reached the Gombak toll where the nightmare begun. I swear I heard the toll is going to be free today but that didn't happen. From Gombak we where stuck in a huge and long crawl for most of the journey to Bentong. Along the way, we experienced a few more horrible traffic jam the worst being near Lipis and Kuala Krai. We didn't arrive in Tanah Merah until 2:30 PM, that's 11 hours later.

My body aches all over especially my poor knees. Had we had a choice, we wouldn't have chosen to go back today. Travelling home less than 36 hours before Raya is suicidal.

After a short nap in Tanah Merah, we finally arrived in sweet old Pasir Mas around 6:00 o'clock. I paid my tithe at the town mosque first of course. I had percik and roasted chicken for fast breaking today, the best I had this year. It's good to be back again with my family and relatives.