12 September 2009

They put her in an isolation room on the 5th floor of the KPJ Kajang Specialist hospital. This room costs a cool 200 ringgit per day and Linda's health benefits will only cover up to RM160 so we had to top up the remaining cost. Now would be a really good time to get a bonus from my employer.

My Mom came to visit Mia later this afternoon. Adam and I spent the night at her place last night because there was a water cut at my area yesterday.

Mia is still her unusual self. She's so quiet and passive and she always make her mother carry her around and refuses to lay on the bed. They put her on IV drip because she's so weak from not eating much these past few days.

I have an assignment to finish and 4 papers to sit for my mid term exam tomorrow. I barely read anything because Mia kept us awake all last week And I've got like this evening to finish them all. Sigh.