11 September 2009

My 1 and a half year old daughter got chicken pox earlier this week. My wife had no choice but to take a leave from work to look after her at home since we can't send her to the nursery. Since she got the disease, Mia drastically lost her appetite, is very moody and sensitive and she's got a constantly high temperature.

We took her to the clinic twice this week and on the second visit the doctor advised that we take her to he hospital for further check up. So we brought her to the KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital tonight and the doctor there said Mia had to be warded because of her high temperature and dehydration.

Poor Mia. She didnn't eat anything much, including her formula and she hardly moves at all. She just lay there staring blankly at us or the ceiling.

So for tonight and the next few days, Linda will be staying at the hospital with Mia. Let us pray the she'll recover soon.