24 September 2009

Last night was probably the worst suffering I experienced from my chicken pox. I left the hospital around 8.30 arrived in Pasir Mas half an hour later to spend the night there. But first I got to find a barber's shop that's open. My head is so itchy, I just can't take it anymore especially with my long hair. It took me 8 months to grow my hair this long but tonight it has got to go. Besides, I can always grow my hair back next year.

Finding a barber's shop that's open at night in a small town like Pasir Mas is no easy fit. But thankfully I found one along Jalan Hospital. It was a small but air-conditioned shop run by a one man show, probably a bachelor from the look of things. He greeted me warmly and had no qualms about giving my head a shave in spite of my illness. Yes it hurts like hell when he accidentally shaved over my wounds but I just gritted my teeth and let him finish. Half an hour and 6 ringgit later I was as bald as I was last year.

At home I took a cold and long shower (no water heater here) and my grandma helped to rub some calamine lotion all over my body. Then I quickly went to bed. That's when my suffering started.

1 o'clock I woke up because my head and my back felt so terribly itchy. I went down, took my pain killers and went to bed again. 2 o'clock I got up again and my body is burning hot. So I took my last 2 tablets of paracetamols that I had and tried to sleep again but I simply can't. The room felt so cold but my body felt like an oven. And the itchiness just add more to my sufferings. I managed to get some shut eye around 4 o'clock but woke up an hour later for the same reason as above. In the end I just sit there writhing painfully alone in my bed with no one to help. I wanted so much to scratch my skin but I know it will only make matters worse. Only after 6 o'clock I managed to get my grandma to rub some lotion all over my body again.

I tell you ar, this chicken pox disease is right up there with cancer, accident and H1N1 in the pain department. I wish I don't have to suffer like this ever again.

Adam is no better than me and today he had a really high temperature and the pox marks had spread all over his body. How I wish this illness would end soon.

And I just found out the calamine lotion won't do much help to reduce the pox marks but it will help to create a cool, soothing effect around the affected area. I guess a little soothing placebo effect is better than nothing.