15 September 2009

We are pleased to report that Mia is getting better by the day. Today she is almost her usual self, eating and talking and walking and smiling like she used to do. Her swollen feet has improved a little and we probably can even check out of the hospital tomorrow, yay!

I on the other hand is totally exhausted these past few days. I wake up around 5 in the morning to eat, sleep again for about an hour or so and get up again to iron my clothes and prepare Adam's stuff. Then I go to work, driving around for hundred of miles everyday. Later after work, I swiftly pick up Adam, bought some dinner and brace myself for the usual 40 minutes traffic to Kajang. At the hospital I hang around for 2 hours minimum before returning home. At home I do the laundry, wash the dishes and try to clean up a bit around the house so that my place doesn't look like a zoo. Then only I can go to bed, that's around 11:00.

If Mia stays even slightly longer at the hospital, I think I'll have to admit myself there as well.

Now I know what my wife went through everyday.