25 September 2009

These past few days I've been commuting to Kota Bharu from Pasir Mas and Tanah Merah to see Adam and her mom. That's between 40 t0 100 kilometers return trip each. This obviously costs money and energy but you'd be surprised the things you'd be willing to do for your family. The traffic in Kota Bharu and surrounding towns is sometimes almost as bad as downtown KL on weekdays. Long queues and bumper to bumper traffic is the order of the day. This Hari Raya season the number of vehicles in places like Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas and Tanah Merah increased 5 times than usual.

Today Adam had improved much better than yesterday. His temperature is back to normal again and the worst of his chicken pox is gone. In fact the doctor said he should be ready to be discharged tomorrow. Last night I spent the night at the hospital. Like all hospitals, this one is just as cold especially in the evening. Maybe it's the cold hard floor, I was literally freezing last night even with two layers of clothing and a blanket.

Adam is provided with food 4-5 times a day but the rest of us had to get our own food. There's a couple of restaurant and stalls around the hospital but most of them are closed especially in the morning so I had little choice to choose from. The nearest open food stall is some 500 meters away near the Sultan Mohamad IV stadium. The hospital food according to Adam and his mom is somewhere between indifferent and downright horrible. This afternoon we just had to order some food from McDonald's before all our taste buds die.

While Adam and her mom conditions improved tremendously, mine is not faring that well. Yes I didn't feel so itchy right now and the spots is starting to heal but the virus is having one last go at my head and face. The pox marks around my head is particularly painful and my face looks like the surface of the moon. Yup, no need to spend millions sending people to space. Just plant a flag on my face and you're done ha ha!