16 September 2009

Alhamdulillah, Mia is finally discharged from the hospital today. The total bill is nearly 4700 ringgit. Hopefully we don't have to pay any of that. For breaking fast today, we went to Medan Sate Kajang to the usual Sate Emas Kajang restaurant. We had the usual satay and I ordered the Ais Batu Campur/ABC (shaved ice). I don't know, maybe since we're the regular customer there they've decided to throw in a couple of ants in my ABC. On our last count it was 5. And when we brought this up to the waiter, he just made a blurry face and didn't say anything. That's it, next time we're going to Samuri.

After 7 long years being a Maxis prepaid customer, I finally converted to Celcom postpaid today. My company encourages its staff to change to Celcom, especially those who get a monthly phone allowance like me. They have this plan where we can talk up to 50 hours free for members of the same plan. I have no problem with Maxis. Unlike their wireless broadband service, their mobile network service and coverage is excellent. Their customer service is friendly and really helpful and if I didn't have a strong reason to switch to other telcos, I'd stick with Maxis.

But then, there's no harm switching to perhaps, a better telco. I think Mr Ananda made enough money from loyal customers like me to last his lifetime and 7 generations of his kids. I never see or heard of him giving back to the community. At least Celcom does gives some donation to mosques and other good causes. Like Celcom, he'd be donating a generous sum of his profit to BN anyway so it makes no different between the two.

I got my new SIM card activated today and they promptly gave me 30 days of free broadband Internet surfing. How cool is that?

So, so long Maxis. Afif PLC and this blog is now Celcom territory he he.