6 September 2009

Last night we had a sleepover at my Mom's place again. She bought a new TV set last week and she finally subscribed to Astro. If you knew my Mom, you'd know that this is a really remarkable occassion. A giant step for mankind kind of thing. Previously she gave me 101 excuses why she doesn't need Astro at home. She's fine with RTM, TV3 and TV9, she doesn't have time to watch all those channels, it's a waste of money, etc-etc. And then suddenly one day we went there and surprise, Astro! What's more she even subscribed to the Sports package so that I can watch football whenever we come there. Aha!

Later this afternoon we went to Mutiara Damansara for a stroll at IKEA. You would have thought that people would stay quietly at home this Puasa and H1N1 season but no, the place is swarming with people. Even the huge 2 level basement parking underneath the place is full. Lucky for us I knew of tips #23 of visiting IKEA/Ikano which basically say you can park just about anywhere when the parking is full.

I picked up a few stuff in my shopping trolley but in the end I only bought one lonely laundry basket to replace the old one which was shredded to bits by Adam Farihin. Besides, the long queue at the checkouts just spoiled my shopping mood (chewah).

Today I finally purchased my first App from Apple's App Store. I've downloaded dozens of apps from the store before but they were all free. This BlogPress app is perfect for serious bloggers looking to blog from the iPhone. Since Blogger didn't bother to make a proper app for the iPhone, I had no choice but to buy this one. That is of course after thinking long and hard about it firstlah. Nevermind that it's only USD2.99 (about RM10.00).

So far I'm quite satisfied with this BlogPress app. I can login to multiple Blogger accounts as well as Wordpress, Live Spaces, Joomla and several other popular blogging platform. I can post directly or save as draft and the most important thing is I can upload pictures directly from my iPhone, something not possible from Safari. In fact I wrote this post entirely from my iPhone. It doesn't have all the full functions and options like the proper web version, but it will do.

-- Posted from my iPhone