18 September 2009

This morning we had a meeting at our office. At this adhoc meeting we finally found out the status of our elusive bonus money. They will come in after all, but not until the end of the month. This bonus money had became a rather hot topic in my office. Previously we were told that we will get them on the 10th of September. When that date came and no money came in, they were an air of discontent all around the office. Some of my colleagues were readily bashing the management in some of their blogs.

It all comes down to one thing: miscommunication. Had the management explained to us all about this earlier, we would have been spared the anguish and agony of thinking that we won't be getting any bonus this year. Instead we were left wondering and guessing in the dark and naturally this had create rumors and hearsay. We pay about 44K a year for our leased-line backed email service and it's only 2 click away for anybody to shoot an email.

So it all ends well in the end. Before we goes back to our respective home towns today, everybody shook hands and ask for forgiveness from each other.