23 September 2009

Yesterday took Adam to a clinic in Pasir Mas, some 30 kilometers away from Tanah Merah to get his chicken pox condition checked. All the but one CIMB & PMCare panel clinics in Tanah Merah refused to admit Adam for some strange reason and the only one that's available, the doctor is away. So we had no choice but to travel all the way to Pasir Mas to find a lousy panel clinic.

We went to Nik Azam clinic, this one quite well known for their dermatology expert. They gave Adam some medications to take and rub and then we went home. Last night though, Adam had this serious allergy like reaction with his skin. He kept on scratching and coughing like crazy until he threw up everything that he ate yesterday.

So today we brought Adam to that panel clinic again in Pasir Mas and got a referral letter for Adam to be admitted to a hospital. 2 hours later Adam was admitted to the KPJ Perdana Specialist Hospital in Kota Bharu. His body was so itchy and he had a really high temperature.

Linda and her mom will be keeping Adam company tonight. I returned to Pasir Mas to spent the night at my grandma's place. My chicken pox had already spread to my entire body and I look absolutely hideous. My face looks like the surface of the moon. And my head is so itchy, I had to shave my head just now so that I can rub some lotion on it.