13 September 2009

Amazingly, in between watching Liverpool trash Burnley 4-0 at Anfield, I managed to finish my assignment and just in time to send to the photocopy shop downstairs for binding. I didn't do much reading for my test today though. Plan to do that in class today.

The exam today was obviously difficult, because I only studied last minute. A few boys next to me were blatantly copying from the text book but still had the audacity to peek at my answer sheet. What a loser. Even after opening the text book, still cannot answer one. It's not like I got all my answer correct or something.

One of the tests today was oral, for my single English paper this sem. We had to form a group of four persons and discuss the given topic. I did most of the talking today while the others just blurted a few lines. I simply must score in this English class. The last paper was a tough one. Still after that paper, the lecturer just had to continue with the class. Everybody was already tired and obviously cannot concentrate in class so late in the afternoon.

After class, that's around 6.00 PM I went to pick up Adam at my Mom's place. Adam may be a really naughty boy at times but today he told me he cried when he found out I wasn't around this morning. Poor kid. He's not so used being left behind with other people aside from his parent.

After breaking fast with my Mom, we head straight to the hospital in Kajang. That has become our regular routine every day since Friday and the next few days. Mia found her appetite at last. Although not much but it's an improvement. She still clings to her mother so dearly and cries from time to time. The good news is the doctor said she just might be discharged on Tuesday. The not so good news is her right foot is swollen after they injected her with something yesterday. I pray that it's nothing serious.

Tonight, it's just me and Adam alone at home.